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Vote for Administrator rights (guw: Vodide na jlọjẹ Anadenanutọ tọn lẹ) Samatics[jla asisado]

  • en: Dear Gungbe Wikiquote Community,

For the new gungbe Wikiquote we need an administrator to carry out maintenance work here. You can vote to support my candidacy.

  • guw: Mì omẹ Wikiqoute Gungbe tọn vivẹ lẹ e mì.

Mí do hudo anadenanutọ de he na nọ wazọ́n nukúnpipedonugo tọn to Wikiquote Gungbe tọn yọyọ lọ ji. Mì sọgan blavò nado nọgodona mi nado yin anadenanutọ lọ. Mì wanu.

--Samatics (hodidọ) 18:15, 4 Alunlunsun 2023 (WAT)Reply[na gblọndo]

Support votes (N'nọgodona)
  1. Atej2* (hodidọ) 10:50, 5 Alunlunsun 2023 (WAT)Reply[na gblọndo]
  2. Joshateji (hodidọ) 12:04, 5 Alunlunsun 2023 (WAT)Reply[na gblọndo]
  3. Misteld (hodidọ) 13:01, 5 Alunlunsun 2023 (WAT)Reply[na gblọndo]
  4. Sagbosam (hodidọ) 15:45, 5 Alunlunsun 2023 (WAT)Reply[na gblọndo]
  5. Jamex18 (hodidọ) 17:00, 8 Alunlunsun 2023 (WAT)Reply[na gblọndo]
Oppose votes (N'jẹagọdo)

Neutral votes (Nọ kada)

Global bot policy[jla asisado]

Apologies for posting this message in English. Please help translate to your language.

Hello. Congratulations on having this new wiki created! As this is a new content wiki and as a result of a global discussion, this project is now allowing global bots by default. You can learn more about global bots visiting the global bot policy page and in particular this section. A list of all current global bots can be viewed at here.

If you wish to keep global bot access enabled there is nothing that your community needs to do. On the other hand, if you wish to deactivate (opt-out) global bot access on this wiki, you may do so at any time by opening a discussion or vote about the matter. Once the discussion finishes and consensus is reached, please let us know at the stewards' noticeboard on Meta-Wiki so we can do the necessary.

We remain at your service at the stewards' noticeboard on Meta-Wiki if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you. --MarcoAurelio (hodidọ) 01:57, 2 Afínplọsun 2023 (WAT)Reply[na gblọndo]